We went to Elmer's on Stark by Mall 205.

People were winning like CRZY.

I myself got up to 120 and then blew it all due to over confidence and greed.

Then we went to Tom's Sports Bar on 39th and Division and lost every time. Everyone around us was losing. The only guy winning was playing Flush Fever and got up to 30 down to 5 over and over.

I know it's my own fault. Still, there is much to discuss about Video Lottery in Portland, Oregon

As we go along I'll discuss more detail about my video gambling addiction, but for now, let's establish a couple of facts:
  1. The Oregon State Lottery party line is that Video Lottery Games are completely and scientifically and mutliplicitously RANDOM.
  2. After playing intensively for about 7 months, I am convinced that Video Lottery Games are not Random in Portland, Oregon.
  3. If I'm wrong, then there is seriously something called Luck and it is a force, like magnetic waves or radiation, and it fluctuates, perhaps according to tides or sunspots or the number of people riding in elevators or something else unfathomable.
  4. Some locations win more than other locations.
  5. Some time periods win better than other time periods.
  6. Sometimes the games PAY like crazy.
  7. Sometimes you lose everything you feed into the little growling mouth of the machine.
  8. I am curious as to the experience of others.
  9. Maybe if we all band together we can make them scared
  10. or at least help each other make money
  11. plus it'd be really fascinating to track the ebb and flow of winnings.